Welcome to Daws Road Early Learning Centre

We believe that Childcare is an extension of the Family Unit. Each family is important and we aim to support parents in the care and upbringing of their children in a happy and homely atmosphere.

We believe that each child including special needs and culturally diverse children have the right to reach their full potential. We will provide a safe and nurtured environment in which to encourage, stimulate and develop individual growth.


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We believe that children should:

  • Always feel safe, happy and comfortable
  • Have opportunities to seek challenges as part of their exploration within a safe environment
  • Be given the opportunity to experience a programme aimed at developing the child – physically, emotionally, imaginatively, socially and intellectually
  • Have opportunities to develop concentration and problem solving skills
  • Have opportunities to express their feelings
  • Have opportunities to be involved in activities that develop a positive self-concept and confidence in themselves.
  • Be able to grow in independence and to respect the rights of others
  • Have a balance between activity and rest
  • Develop an appreciation of the wider community through involvement of community, home and the Centre.
  • Be encouraged to respect and increase their knowledge and experience of cultural diversity of our community.
  • Be encouraged to be involved in the care of the environment.
  • Be taught to be loving, caring and to respect individual differences.
  • Be encouraged to respect the rights of those in the wider community not just those in their immediate environment.